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If I had to choose which assignment I liked the best I would have to say the Halloween Story. Making that movie was a blast and I think we came out with a great product. I liked to hear how it made people laugh and still serves its educational purpose. The assignment I did not like as much was the reading in the beginning, because I feel like we jumped into the deep stuff without learning much. I liked doing the film in six frames because it challenged me to put a crazy story like Zoolander into 6 frames. I also really liked doing the mash up, because mine turned out so much different than everyone else’s. When you asked us to do a mash up I immediately thought music and decided that’s what I was going to do but as I saw people posting mostly videos from one movie and speech from another I was skeptical, but I stuck with it and I like the tune that I ended up with.

These fifteen weeks have been great, I feel like I haven’t done my part though. I started off well with my digital story making posts on Photoshopping, but after a few, I could not think of what to do a tutorial on. I only had limited knowledge about Photoshop and I think it showed in my lack of posts at the end. Also, my other courses decided to bombard me with work at the end of the semester for some reason which did not help my blog. I feel bad that I slacked off in the end because I got behind on the assignments and they kept coming, then I did less work on my Photoshopping. I feel like I did not do the class the justice it deserves, but being less formally structured than all the others somehow it got put on the back burner. At the end when I was about caught up on assignments, my computer decided to format itself and start anew…great. If I were to make suggestions on this class I would say that you should hold people to their digital stories more, and make them post at least once a week. I think if I knew that my grade would drop every post I did not do, I would make more of an effort to do them. I’m not saying that my grade won’t drop because I did not do some posts, but you did not express it as much. I would also suggest that the syllabus be longer and more detailed. I would also suggest a few less assignments or at least let them choose let’s say 8 or 10 out of the 12 you will assign. That way people will be able to take one off when they may have a lot of work in their other classes.


I feel like I did my part in this class, but only just getting by. I did not go beyond what I had to do with my blog. It may be because blogging isn’t my thing or because I ran out of ideas. Either way looking back I should have done more and put more time into my blog. I also regret that my computer formatted itself because it made me look like I was slacking more on my blog than I really was.  I feel like I did not show you how on point of a student I can be and I will be looking to sign up for some of the other classes you teach in the future.

The show I chose to write about is HBO’s series True Blood. Not only because I find it really interesting, but also because it is the only show I consistently keep up with. The show is about the struggle between vampires and humans, and I know what pops into a lot of people’s minds immediately…Twilight. All i can say to that is NO, not at all. This show is a better version of twilight. Yes there is love going on between a human female and a vampire but there is also a lot more going on. They have Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton who are in love, Bill is a vampire and Sookie is a human, or so she thought. In the first season there are a lot of twists in turns including Sookie’s grandmother being murdered, and the murderer ended up being Sookie’s coworker’s husband, who isn’t actually Cajun like he pretends to be. Another huge thing that boggles the mind is that Sookie can read the minds of humans but not vampires. This makes you wonder the entire first season what she could be. I put the trailer here so you can get a taste of season 1.

Season 1 Trailer

In season 2, a church group starts to train a group called “soldiers of the Sun”, in which they are going to try to use to kill off vampires. The most powerful vampire alive allows them to capture him to see what they wish to do, knowing he can escape at anytime. After puting an end to the group he decides that there is no reason for him to go on living, 2,000 years was enough. He stays on the roof of a building past sunrise and burns. There is also another powerful being that is introduced, a maenad. There isn’t a very clear explanation of what that is but vampires cannot hurt her. I don’t want to give away too many details but they eventually get rid of her.

Season 2 Trailer

Another reason why I like this show is for its amazing cliff hangers at the end of every episode. It leaves you wondering for a week “what the hell?”. In season 3 the fight between the humans and vampires gets really heated when one of the oldest and strongest vampires kills a news anchor on national television. This starts a huge uprise from the humans thinking that if one vampire is that crazy, then they all are. We also gain more insight into what Sookie is and that she may even have the power to stop the strongest vampire. Werewolves are also introduced into the story in season 3, and they are even used to do vampires bidding as long as they are given V. Vampire blood, called V, is a drug in the show that helps you heal and makes you stronger for a certain amount of time, so the werewolves trade their services for V.

Season 3 Trailer

Season 4 airs this summer and I can’t wait.

For my mash-up I was thinking of all the possible things I could do since we had the freedom to create it. I had always wanted to do a song mash-up so I decided to use this opportunity to try it out. Obviously it isn’t going to be perfect but I liked doing it. I took the lyrics from Nas’s song “It ain’t hard to tell” and put them over a Kanye West’s Runaway Remixed Beat. It starts out a little rough in each verse but starts to line up perfectly. I like how it turned out and want to try some other things out in the future.


Instrumental link –

Original Nas “It ain’t hard to tell”-

How to make a picture look like it was hand drawn, using Photoshop.

1. Make 1 copy of you picture layer after opening it by going to Layer > Duplicate Layer.

2. Next you will want to change to blending mode for the top layer to Color Dodge.

3. Next you want to hit Ctrl + I to invert the colors of the photo.

4. Next go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

5.  Now mess around with the radius bar and get the number that looks good for you. 2.2 is what I selected.

6.  Now you will need to make a adjustment layer for Hue/Saturation. As shown below.

7. Now make the Saturation equal to 0 and check the box that says Colorize.

8. Now you are done and your picture should look like it was hand drawn. Here are my results.

Helpful criticism is always accepted. Just let me know what you think.

For this post I wanted to show everyone how to get the “Sin City Effect” on a picture, which is turning everything black and white except one object. I got a picture off of Jim’s Flickr of kids playing soccer and decided to make everything black and white except their shirts.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop and open the picture you want to work with.

2. Double-click on the Background layer in the layers tab and then click “Ok”

Now where it said “Background” it should now say “Layer 0”

3. Now click on “Layer 0”, make sure its highlighted and go to Layer –> Duplicate Layer

4. Make sure you click on the “Layer 0 copy”.

5. Now go to Layer –> Layer Mask –> Reveal All

6. Click back on “Layer 0” and go to Image –> Adjustments –> Channel Mixer, and check the Monocrome box

7. Now click on “Layer 0 copy”

8. Now use the eraser and erase everything in the picture that you do not want to be in color. You can adjust the size of the eraser brush as shown below

Hint: you can click the eyeball next to a layer on the bottom right box to make that layer become invisible if that will help you.


I wanted to do this because I have seen friends on Facebook do the same and I thought it was really cool. If anyone has any questions on any of the steps let me know. Also, if anyone tries this I would like to see it in a comment on this post if that is possible. Thanks in advance for any feedback you have.

For my first picture I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to take a old picture from high school where a friend and I covered a friends car in sticky notes. I decided to get a different background and try to make it look like the car was actually on the beach, I couldnt get the colors exactly right and the resolutions were different but i think it turned out alright.

This is the beach picture I used.

This is the picture we took with the car.

This is what I finished with. Let me know what you guys think.


I would have layered my voice on top of his but if you knew me or have heard my voice you would know I would only make the story less interesting.

What I was thinking what I wanted to do with my blog for the rest of the semester I knew I had to find something that I liked to do, otherwise I wouldn’t stay on task. This made me think back to a class I took called Digital Approaches to Fine Art, which I liked a lot. The class had to do with manipulating images with Adobe Photoshop and even making animations. I decided that I will do either 2 photoshopped photos a week or 1 animation and see what I come up with. If you want to check out my project from adobe photoshop go to I will also put one here to show.

Made from a simple picture of crumbled ball of paper.